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Quick Introductions

Direct contact, flexible, quick on our toes, and we are always available; these are our strengths in regards to cooperation with our clients. So of course you want to meet the team. We will give a short introduction of ourselves below, best is of course to call or visit us!

Ask away!

Geert de Jager

After a short detour outside the world of transport he is back again and fully committed. Geert brings 13 years of worldwide logistic experience. Flexibility is his middle name. Sparring and attacking, nobody is sharpwitted

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Hans van Wieringen

The founder of Transfiness. After years of experience in the transport world while working for big transport companies, he decided to take control over his own extensive network by starting his own company. Hans is an avid cyclist. No place in the world is too far!

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Ron Mellink

After 21 years of working for a (large) logistics service provider, I was ready for a new challenge. In a company where the customer really is central, and that's what I found at Transfiness. Besides working in the office, I also like to jump on the forklift truck to serve our customers who have their stock in our warehouse.

t+31 26 845 47 80

A life in logistics

Hans van Wieringen has been working in transportation and logistics his entire life. He has been a driver, a planner, and he has worked for major transport companies. When he noticed that providing true service to customers became more difficult and that going off the beaten path was not an option anymore this gave him a uneasy feeling. That why he decided to strike out on his own.

“I noticed that customers just wanted a solution to their problems. It all about service. We do not have cars or truck, so we have limitless opportunities. With every transport need there is a different solution and a different transport partner that fits perfectly. We have worked together with over 1500 companies. Storage in Edinburgh? Need a frigo-trailer in Italy? We will arrange it.”

Dreaming of transport

Hans grew up in small village in the Northern part of the Netherlands. The father of a childhood friend had a transport company. Hans could often be found helping; washing the cars and tagging along with the drivers on their deliveries. That is where his passion for the transport world began.


“When I got older, I started saving for my drivers license. I got my driver license quickly, the same goes for the license that is required for driving trucks. So, I started at the bottom and I got to know the transport world plus I got to see a bit of the world. This experience often helps me to talk to clients and suppliers. I understand what they are talking about and what the problems are. For example, how do certain goods behave while they are being transported? What are the challenges the driver while face? I have also gained experience and ideas about the efficiency of transportation.”

Our philosophy

“The central idea for us is; can we contribute in some way? Storage or handling for example, or the transportation of goods with ships or boots.┬áThis is something we do on a regular basis, but only as part of a complete transport solution. Other transport companies focus on container transport. But who will sail or take care of the straps that keep the goods in 1 place? Our clients ask us to take care of a job, so we arrange not only the transport but everything that goes with it. That is the reason why we ask a lot of questions. Who does what? Is this and that taken care of? Did you think of that? That way you prevent surprises and extra work and costs. We invest a lot of time and effort into what the company of the client does and what kind of products they have. This is part of our philosophy and the service we provide.”

We go the extra mile

“We work with a small team for a reason. We stay sharp that way and we can provide the answers to the many questions our clients have. I would even say that if we cannot arrange it, nobody can! We go the extra mile. This is my passion!”

“Occasionally, Hans can still be found driving a truck. He still enjoys the heroism and the romanticism of the open road. A big truck, the smell of gasoline, on the road at night in Denmark with nobody around. That’s just marvellous!”.


Transport? Transfiness will arrange it. In our way. Smart, secure, and precisely tailored. No more stress!