Walter Moderer

Truck driver with a plus

Planner on location

20 December 2018

Transfiness is the logistics partner of Vastint in building hotels with prefab rooms. We deliver all the goods just-in-time on site. No matter what destination in Europe. This requires good planning on location. That is why we are so grateful for Walter Moderer, a chauffeur with something extra.

“I am currently in Southampton”, says Walter. “That is were a hotel is being built right now. It is a very crowded and busy site, one of the reasons is a big Christmas Market nearby. This makes it somewhat difficult to supply the site, which is in the city centre. You must organize everything just right and you need to know what transportation entails. Communication is everything.”

Lesser contacts, lesser mistakes.
“I communicate directly with the contractor and with Transfiness. When there are a lot of middlemen important details get lost or twisted around. I make sure, in consultation with Transfiness, that the goods are ready to be delivered. The goods are stored in a hub or in a storage near the building site. I also consult with the contractor. When does he need the goods? That way we can guarantee that the goods are on site on time. Of course, I check in advance what time I can best deliver, during lunch for example, that way the unloading equipment is free and the building does not grind to a halt.”

Communication is everything
“You must be on top of everything. This way of thinking proves to be true every time. It does not matter if something needs to be delivered, or if I have a return load, I always check with truck is best used. I can tell when I am on site when and which trailer can be best used. Or I will contact them myself whether I can arrange a return. So, I cannot stress enough, communication is key.”

A good preparation
“I believe this is the fifth hotel I have helped built in England and tenth, overall. This gives me a major advantage. I know how to best handle things, but still you learn something every time. Every location is different. You must be flexible. So, preparation is key. When you have a new location, you need to explore and know the environment. A fully loaded truck is high, so we are talking about exceptional transport a lot of the time. Will a fully loaded truck fit under every bridge and overpass? Maybe there is a road construction going on. You have to know these things, and this takes a lot of time and effort.”

The quickest way
“I was self-employed for 28 years in this branch. So, I know this world inside out. You must able to do this job while sleeping. That is very important. That is the only way you can give a little extra. This makes it fun too! When you can function as a true team you cannot only accomplish almost everything , it makes the work so much easier too. I am employed at Transport Logistica in Austria. This is a partner of Transfiness. My employer does not interfere with my work. So, the lines of communication are short, this is the quickest way of getting things done. Direct contact with the people who do the actual work. This is where I am in my element.”