Let’s move!

Nederland | 9 January 2019

Not really our territory, but we do not know the meaning of the word no .

Robin van Sky Deck asks us for support during the company relocation. And well, thinking of solutions is second nature for us, so why not doing a moving job now and then? So, we need some containers to store things in, a stand trailer so we can start to load already, some open trucks with cranes so that we do not have to load our self…. Okay, clear.

Thankfully, our partner Weltjens had a self-unloader and independent and astute drivers. We could rent packaging, we put a trailer with tail lift on site, and we were in -the moving -business!

Robin was driving behind one of the moving trucks, muttering onto himself that they were slow. Until he recognized his own scaffolding material, he quickly took a shot!