Goods Hotel: comfortable temporary storage

Velp | 3 June 2019

You are probably familiar with this problem. Your goods arrive slightly early and now they are in the way. No problem! Store them in our new Goods Hotel. A handy spot for temporary storage. Maybe a client of yours want to receive the goods on a later date? No problem, the Good Hotel is the solution for your lack of space.

You know how we are. Providing excellent service is our number one priority. So, we now offer the following services apart from storage; repacking, packing, separation of the goods, and express deliveries. And we will take care of the labels, packing lists and invoices.

Now you know why we call it Goods Hotel. And if you want to book an extra night? No worries, as always, we are flexible. And security? Our camera’s will keep a close watch on your goods all the time.

Want to book in at the Goods Hotel? We are open 24 hours.