Exeptional transport

Arnhem | 9 January 2019

We like to organize exceptional transports. For example, these two transports from the Industrial Area Kleefse Waard. In commission of one of our most esteemed clients, we were charged with the transport of some lodges, who had a width of 4.50 meter!! Almost twice as much as a standard load. This was no problem. But to get the lodge behind a residential building is another thing entirely. What we came up with was to reload the lodge onto a trailer behind a farm tractor, a truck with a crane for heavy lifting, a low bed with ….., a chainsaw to cut down a sheet pile and branches so with could unload with the crane.

Nothing is too crazy for us, we can enjoy the sun, and with terrific partners such as Arno, Hermsen, Wessels and Versteeg…..  we get the job done! And let’s not forget Marien van Elferen, who was (kind of) sweating bullets from time to time while driving the farm tractor!