How and what DPD?

Disclaimer and privacy

On the twenty-fifth of may 2018 the general ordinance of Data Protection Directive went into action. Transfiness B.V. will gladly inform you how we will handle your privacy. In order to provide you the service you are accustomed to we need the  personal data / company details of our clients, receivers, and relations.

What Data and where is it stored?

We make use of the following personal data / company details;

How do we handle your data/details?

The data will be stored in our bookkeeping, emails, transport management-system and Microsoft Office files. All our email data and Microsoft Office files are stored in the Office 365- platform. This is a cloudservice that is being managed by Microsoft. Our bookkeeping and transport management-system will be stored in the same cloudservice, The data will be contained within the EU.

At Transfiness we are aware of the utmost importance of the protection of your data, we will never keep your data longer than is absolutely necessary.

What do we do with your Data?

We use the data provided by you to streamline and optimize our services. For example, the execution of transport orders, accurate notifications, invoicing, and bookkeeping. We only keep data that we need and never longer than needs be.

We will never use/ sell your data to third parties for commercial ends,

We will carefully handle all the information we have acquired of your company  and of your use of our services.

Questions about the changes or the use of your data?

This privacy declaration has been drafted on July first of this year. Do you have any questions or do you want to invoke one of your legal rights? Please contact us using the following email address: or use our business address for other forms of communications. We promise to answer all your questions with due haste, the waiting time is 7 days max. For further information concerning the laws about privacy please visit: