A hotel just like a building kit

with prefab rooms

Vastint Hospitality

9 January 2019

All hotel rooms look kind of the same. So, why build them one at the time on site? This can be done smarter. That is why Vastint Hospitality  is building hotels made from standardized prefab rooms. So basically, we are talking about building kits.

From Italy to Europe
Dirk Muilwijk started at Vastint Hospitality as purchasing manager. The logistical side of the operation was added as well, after the first project that was near the factory was completed, so that a concept could be developed for projects that were further away from the factory. The factory is in Italy, several kilometres below Brescia. The most important markets for Vastint are Germany and the United Kingdom. Other countries where projects were completed are Austria, Norway, and Italy. Currently Vastint is building in France, Denmark, and the United Kingdom, with many other projects to start.

Boxes on flatbeds
The transportation challenges? Dirk explains. “We do not have standards loads. Our prefab boxes need to be transported on open flatbeds and other elements on lowbeds. Together with Transfiness every project is thoroughly prepared and the transport is supported where needed. Contactors are overall more acquainted with the traditional way of building, this means they need to be familiarized with the prefab building system, and with it the logistical side. The goods need to be delivered just-in-time, you cannot just unload a whole set of units on site and be done with it.”

100 transports per hotel
“Meanwhile we have created several hubs all over Europe near the building sites so that we can provide the assembly teams with the right materials at the correct moment.  A concept that we discuss and developed with Transfiness. For a hotel with an average room count of about 200,  we need approximately 100 deliveries form Italy. So, you need a partner with all the right contacts. A true partner and that is what Transfiness has become.”


Transfiness has become a true partner.


Thinking along and providing solutions
“For us the greatest contribution is the support and the thinking along; long term as well as short term. I think they can get a bit tired of us calling daily with a change or an adjustment . But they always jump in problem-solving mode straight away. This can also mean an express delivery during the different phases of a construction, such as the delivery of beds or televisions for a grand opening of a hotel.”

From door to toilet roll holder
“The prefab rooms contain a few standard elements. The main element is a prefab box complete with doors, electoral wiring, air-conditioning, and all bathroom parts. Including the toilet roll holder. The box is lifted from the truck and is placed directly on the building. After the different walls are positioned. And then the hotel room is finished. This way we are building entire hotels by stacking boxes on top each other.”

Vastint Hospitality has developed this hotel brand together with the hotel chain Marriott International and hotel operator Belvar. The real-estate is owned by Vastint, the brand by Marriott, and it is run -under the Marriot Franchise- in most cases by Belvar. The hotel is named Moxy and it is furbished according to the Marriott standard. Moxy main market is young people. A hip design, enticingly digital, and affordable.