Chocola from all over Europa

Deliver on time

Les Chevaliers

19 December 2018

With Les Chevaliers everything revolves around chocolate. They have a relatively small team that is perfectly fine tuned. Because of this major strength they react very quickly and can present new products.

A logistical challenge.
“Transportation is one of the major hindrances we face; to deliver goods on time. Deadlines get shorter every day. This presents a challenge, especially with the work pressure that we face today.”

“We have two transporters that deliver for us in the Netherlands and Belgium, outside these two countries transportation is a bit more challenging, as we do not have regular deliveries there. So, we ask Transfiness to organize the transport of those goods. Whether it is the importation of 12 pallets from France or 20 pallets from Italy. Orders for outside the Benelux are incidental. Organizing incidental transportation is one of the major strengths of Transfiness.”


“No matter the challenge, Transfiness delivers”


Keeping promisses
“Here is the thing about working with Transfiness, if you ask them to do something, they will do it and do it right. This takes a lot of the stress out of our daily jobs for us. We are very busy, so we only work with reliable partners. So, I would say, one of their major strengths is their reliability. Another thing is, when there is a problem, they will take care of it themselves.”