Fresh chicken within a day

All over Europa

2 Sisters Storteboom

19 December 2018

Wouter Nieuwkoop is logistics manager at 2 Sisters Storteboom. His job is to make deals with logistics partners. He and his team arrange everything that has to do with transport. For example, the transportation of goods between their seven branches, to customers, and to suppliers.

Weekly deliveries to Spain
We usually only know 1 day in advance the exact amount that needs to be transported. For the everyday transports we have a regular carrier. In countries in which our regular carrier does not have a comprehensive network or if there are special demands, we use Transfiness. A good example is Spain, we have weekly deliveries there.

Express deliveries
Transfiness also takes care of the incidental express deliveries of pallets and boxes. The nice thing is; if I call them for a few couriers they will have them within a couple of hours. For instance, when a meat sample needs to be delivered in France.

Thinking outside the transport box
It is quite reassuring to have Transfiness to fall back on. They keep an eye on the entire process. Not too long ago we needed several couriers. They took over part of the planning also. We did not have to worry about a thing, they took care of everything.

“Transfiness delivers a complete package. That’s great.”


Butchering, processing, and delivery
2 Sisters Storteboom butchers, processes, and delivers chickens. What they butcher in the morning can be found the next day in distribution-centers and factories across Europe. Their customer base is in retail, QSR, and the food industry. Most of the products are delivered chilled and a small part frozen.