Waste Treatment Technologies

Oldenzaal | 2 June 2019

WTT delivers complete waste-separation installations. Most of them are enormous, weighing several tons. But the company does not hold any stock. It is quite challenging to get all of the components of the different suppliers together at the right time and place. Transfiness provides this service.

A partners that takes our troubles away
Tom Oude Lansik is the procurement manager at WTT. He keeps close contact with Transfiness to prepare and plan these shipments. “In Transfiness we have found a partner who takes on everything regarding transport. Hans and his team are real logistical service providers for us for Europe. We have customers all over. ”

Proactive instead of reactive
“We just let Transfiness know when a shipment is ready, and they will arrange everything. They also keep us informed about the process. That is also very important. Even if there are problems or when they need more information, they will call me immediately. They work proactively instead of reactively. The reason why this is important is that we purchase everything, we have no stock. And the whole lot needs to go to the construction site. Sometimes with a pit stop at an assembly place. It always a challenge to make sure this entire process goes smoothly. Transfiness is a big help with this.”

“Honestly, I do not want to worry about logistics. Transfiness provides this service.”

“Most often we talk through the projects we are going to undertake. Between getting the orders and the delivery there is a time frame of about 1.5 years. Within that timeframe there is a period of about 8 to 9 months where delivers take place on the construction site. From small bites to big machines. And you know what? 1 big delivery is not a problem. But all the little ones are often a problem. They take up quite a lot of time to arrange. Time, we do not always have, as we have a lot of work. And then a site-manager will ring you: “I need this or that ASAP!” In that case I contact Transfiness with the following message: “Fix it!”. And they will, that is their strength.”